Anubex Partnership Announced

02.03.16 Fremont CA, – We are pleased to announce today our partnership with Anubex! They are one of the leading automated application modernization companies and are based out of Belgium. We look forward to working with Anubex and continuing to assist Anubex meet the temporal testing demands of customer base as well as providing Vornex’s customer base with an option for legacy modernization solutions.

About Anubex

Anubex is a privately held, R&D-focused software company that has a full focus on legacy modernization. Through automation, Anubex tools greatly reduce the costs and risks of enterprise application integration, legacy migration, and testing efforts. Companies can use the tools and services from Anubex directly in their transformation projects, or can outsource transformation services to the leading software consultancies that deploy the tools as value-added resellers. Anubex has a growing list of references with some of the world’s largest banks, insurers, manufacturers, and government institutions. To learn more, visit

About Vornex

Vornex Inc. is based in Silicon Valley and focuses on providing advanced enterprise technology solutions that help organizations ensure reliability and confidence in their software. We specialize in products and services that protect against date and time vulnerabilities by enabling efficient time shift testing of temporal application and database functionality. Our flagship product TimeShiftX is a multi-platform date simulation software and has benefited customers spanning over 15 different countries, including many of the Global 100 and 500 companies. Our core strength lies in our creativity and flexibility, which allows us to create a customized solution to fit every customer’s unique business requirements. To learn more, visit


TimeShiftX is a registered trademark of Vornex Inc.

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