Speed, Efficiency and Agility

Speed matters to business. Speed means being first to market. Speed means competitive advantage and Speed means being agile. The trouble is the code, logic and data that needs to be tested, validated and or confirmed is often the biggest obstacle to speed.

Applications can be slow to market because of delays, often because of the need to test applications and data. Even data-center or cloud-migration projects can be slow because of date sensitive code, logic and data issues. Of course, since data changes constantly, it’s possible it can be out of date as soon as it arrives. With numerous projects on the go, it’s easy to see how schedules spin out of control. In large enterprise environments manual clock changes (changing the system clock) can take 1-2 weeks just to get the proper authorizations from management and scheduling of time and resources. For IT management, making the process of testing code, logic, applications and data, light weight and fast can have major impacts on project schedules and project success.
So whether it’s Banking and or Finance, Insurance or Healthcare, or Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, finding and fixing date bugs and validating date dependent code and applications is absolutely necessary to avoid production delays and cost overruns to find and fix these bugs, once in production.

Learn how Virtualized Time Containers provides users – analysts, developers, testers and even auditors with direct access to the speed otherwise unavailable to them in the moment they need it. Often the validation and verification that the data is not time corrupted is needed, but not easily determined; a test engineer might require a version of a database as of some point in the past, to verify why a problem occurred and to confirm the fix. Accessing the right data from a particular point time is more challenging than it first appears. However, a solution exists and it transforms the ability to time travel from something that is heavy, slow, and cumbersome, to a weapon that enables business testing agility and efficiency. TimeShiftX is that solution.